Online Training


With 20 years of experience working with people of all ages, health/exercise history and fitness levels, Amy can help you get the most from your workouts, and get you back on track with your fitness quest!



How it Works

On-line training is a cost effective way to way to keep your motivation and workout more frequently. A consultation session will begin your pogram to evaluate your fitness and set goals. It is recommended that you schedule an additional one or two private sessions so that Amy can monitor and assess your initial workouts and adjust your program if needed, based on how you respond. Follow up sessions should be held at least once a month to re-evaluate.

Your workouts will be emailed to you with your own personal web-site address. It is recommended that you do at least two on-line sessions per week and up to seven for maximum results. Amy will be checking on your progress after each workout, and as part of your On-Line Agreement you will send her feedback after completing each of your sessions. At any time, you should call or email Amy with questions or concerns.

What you get:

• Workouts designed for YOU
• Realistic goal setting
• Up to seven, 45+ minute sessions per week
• Personal ontact with your trainer on your session days
• Unlimited email questions answered
• Weekly to monthly evaluation to keep you on track
• Cost effective, economical personal training to fit YOUR budget!
Cost: $15 per individualized workout